Collection of Punjabi Dresses in Karachi

Our designers have worked a lot in the fashion industry over the last several decades to show us the direction of the latest trends. But no matter how many new trends come, the importance of cultural dress can never be denied. This is the reason why women in Punjab and other regions intend to wear Punjabi-style dresses that will complement their inner cultural sense of fashion.

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Showing all 2 results

Reason for Punjabi Dresses Being in Fashion in 2024?

In this collection, we have the Patiala shalwar as the most liked dress code by ladies. They couple it with simple shirts as well as gowns and short frocks. We also have the simple shalwar and the dhoti shalwar design to add to the grace of the outfit as well as your personality.

Mostly, the ladies are inclined to wear clothes that complement their culture. And Deemas fashion is here to add to your beauty sense. We have done some finest work in stitching Punjabi-style dresses for you including the Patiala shalwar and simple shalwar kameez for the mehndi occasion.