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Ethnic dresses are true dresses with a soul. One of which will shine upon your soul like no other is a sharara. Sharara is the outfit that has always been a source of attention in the Pakistani fashion trend updates. Sharara is generally worn to ceremonial occasions, especially weddings, particularly by Muslim brides. However, now, many brides have started opting for Sharara for their wedding attire, to experiment with their bridal couture.

Bridal Sharara

The Sharara is a three-piece outfit with flared pants for lowers, with plates that start from knee and end at ankle giving a very smart and beautiful look. The skirt-like outline below the knee is heavily flared ( also called the trumpet skirt) and resembles the shape of an umbrella. Sharara is often worn to nikah, mehndi and reception parties as well.

Shararas for Wedding

Deemas Fashion has advanced in providing this outfit to its customers and that too with many different options. We have shararas with pishwas, long shirts, frocks, maxi, shirts and blouse too. So no matter what you’re looking for to wear on a special occasion, Deemas fashion has all the answers for you. We have intricated the designs with thread work and other motifs. There is a comparatively higher embroidery for the ones which are entirely reserved for Pakistani bridal wear. We have our best men at work for all this.

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Showing 1–24 of 163 results

Latest Wedding Sharara

That is one reason why customers trust our services more than they do any other. With time, Sharara has been experimented with to come up with contemporary versions of the outfit and Deemasfashion has done the same. We offer you the exact kind of style you are looking for in your dresses. We have shararas with cholis as well.

Bridal Sharara 2023

You may not know how to make aloo paratha, but you will surely rock our shararas like a pro. We have shararas with long shirts, frock style shirts and blouse too.
We have made it so trendy by designing it in various different ways, and the material is so much better. Deemasfashion will make you look gorgeous and the only with their stylish colourful attire of shararas. You can look up to us online.